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Malta Business Registry – Compliance matters

It has come to our attention that the MBR is taking an increased interest in ensuring that locally registered companies have various records required by the Companies Act (CA) to be in place and up to date.

Some of the documents being requested include (but are not limited to): – Minutes of all shareholders’ […]

Tax Rebate on 15% tax on rental income- New development!!

If you had income from private residential leases which were registered with the Housing Authority as a long lease, we can help you claim a tax rebate on the attractive 15% tax on such income.

When a long lease does not last a year, the rebate is reduced proportionately to the duration of the […]

The reformed wage subsidy

The government has announced a reformed wage subsidy that will with effect from January 2021 be based on losses incurred.

The following are the key factors of how the reformed wage subsidy will work based on what we know thus far:

Malta Enterprise shall provide a wage subsidy based on the the losses incurred; […]

COVID- Electricity and Rent Refund Scheme

To further the econcomic package announced by the Government on 8th June 2020, the Minister of finance has launched The Electricity Bill Refund Scheme and the Rent Refund Scheme. Below is a summary of each scheme:

i) Electricity Refund Scheme

Eligible entities for this scheme are those that have benefited from the Covid Wage […]

Fourth wage of fiscal measures- stimulating the economy

On 8th June 2020, the Maltese Government announced the fourth wage of fiscal measures aimed at stimulating the economy after the massive slowdown caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. These are categorized in 3 sections namely i) Overhead reduction, ii) kick-starting demand for local goods and services and iii) incentivising investment.

Below is a […]

OECD recommendations on cross border issue implications consequent to the COVID-19 crisis

OECD has issued recommendations on implications of the COVID-19 crisis on cross-border workers and other related cross-border matters.

The Office of the Commissioner for Revenue has notified that it will be adopting the guidance issued by the OECD Secretariat on the 3rd of April 2020 on tax treaty issues and the impact of the […]

Important Notice- PT1 forms due by 30th April 2020

We feel compelled to bring to your attention something which was not notified to tax payers nor tax practitioners.

The statutory form PT1 is that through which companies and self employed persons pay provisional tax and Social security contributions. It was the practice for the Revenue to mail these forms by early April of […]

Third wave of fiscal aid measures in the light of COVID-19

On Wednesday 18th March the Prime Minister announced the third wave of fiscal measures to support commercial entities and safeguard employment.

An online site will be launched by Malta Enterprise which will help companies and self employed persons determine which fiscal measures they are eligible to claim based on their VAT Number and NACE […]

Fiscal aid measures to combat Covid 19

Fiscal aid measures to combat Covid 19

The Maltese Government has just announced fiscal aid measures to combat the current Covid 19 pandemic that has left significant negative effects on the global economy.

Some of the important measures relating to employment are summarized below:

Employee grant (€350 per employee) who were on mandatory quarantine; […]

Corona Virus Update

We are constantly following the latest developments related to CoVid-19, referred to as coronavirus.

In view of the authorities’ appeal for safety and precaution, we would like to invite our esteemed clients to avoid personal visits to our office as much as possible. Any communication and […]