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Business Management

Business Consultancy Management Services (BCMS) Limited offers its clients a various Business Management services including:


  • Business management coaching by assisting management in understanding the impact of the business environment on their firm and helping them develop strategic alternatives that exploit their internal  organisational strengths and defends them from the present and potential external threats in the business environment in which they operate.
  • Board management assistance (including the preparation of Board minutes), the communication of decisions to the appropriate Department for execution as well as follow up audits to inform top management of the execution of those plans;
  • Assistance in business survival and reconstructions, whereby a short-term strategic plan is prepared with the intention of rebuilding a Company’s competitive edge in the market within a specific time period. This includes ‘last chance’ strategy development for organisations which believe they can reverse a trend of declining market share as well as developing alternative diversification options to business operating in declining industries;
  • Business planning including a thorough analysis of an enterprise and its industry and assisting management in drawing up a detailed strategic plan to reach the short and long term corporate objectives;
  • Setting up and/or running as well as managing an internal audit department. Economic downturn, increased competition, organisational restructuring and regulatory change continue to increase the burden on directors. A professionally managed internal audit department will provide the board of directors with access to a fresh and independent perspective on critical issues. Furthermore for organisations already having an internal audit department in place, managing an audit committee, which will be responsible for monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the internal audit functions. This would include measuring the effectiveness of the internal audit function as well as recommending how to best focus the efforts of internal audit.