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Tax & related services

Tax is a cost to all businesses and our services are designed to help you mitigate these costs to help you become more competitive. Our services cover both direct (personal and company income taxes) and indirect (Value added taxation) and include the following:

  • Tax compliance including  preparation and filing of Income tax and VAT Returns, completion and approving provisional tax payments, reviewing of tax assessments;
  • Advocacy and representation of clients during disputes with the fiscal authorities including with the Appeals Board and providing general tax advise;
  • Related services including assisting shareholders of International Trading Companies in obtaining tax refunds, applying for work permits for directors and employees who are foreign nationals as well as for residence permits for persons wishing to reside in Malta without pursuing an occupation (thereby enjoying the fiscal benefits of the Permanent Residence Scheme), as well as providing Companies with comprehensive administrative services;
  • Tax planning research and analysis to determine the most tax efficient arrangements that would minimize a enterprise’s incidence to taxation. This service often includes Group of related Companies, its subsidiaries or associated Companies;
  • Nominee services (through a related company) providing appointed nominee representation on behalf of resident / non resident beneficial owners in accordance with Section 51 A of the Malta Financial Services Authority Act (1988). Through these services, clients are guaranteed full confidentiality and anonymity on the Company’s records as well as ensuring the punctual performance of all personal obligations and the safeguarding of personal rights and interests;
  • Representation services inclusive of being appointed as Company directors / secretaries fulfilling the obligations imposed by the Companies Act(1995). In fulfilling the duties of a Company Secretary, Grech & Associates undertake to prepare for annual general meetings, drafting of minutes, preparation of agendas, proxies, delivery of notices, drafting of resolutions and the preparation of annual and other statutory returns to the Registry of Companies;