BCMS Limited
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Mosta, MST 9052

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F: +356 2141-7118
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Business Consultancy Management Services

Business Consultancy Management Services (BCMS) Limited is entirely dedicated to its clients, Maltese and foreign entrepreneurs, specializing in helping them implement their business ideas from thought to operation. In striving to gain a thorough understanding of customer needs, the Company has succeeded in building service features that exploit the synergies of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, delivering true value added to clients and their customers. The overriding objective of BCMS and its associates is to: “Help clients achieve their ambitions by developing practical solutions to their commercial challenges”.

The Company has developed a structure which continuously improves its services and establishes strong links with its customers. To this end, clients, although dealing with one main associate, will be exploiting the synergies and multi-disciplinary skills of all employees and associates. Such resources may be applied to an assignment on an ad-hoc basis thereby ensuring a service provided by specialists in each area in a very cost-effective manner. Apart from the associates, which are listed herein, BCMS currently employs the services of a number of qualified professionals on a full and part-time-time basis.

The Company cultivates a total quality management (TQM) approach throughout all associates, intent of continuously improving productivity and efficiency. This maximises the value-added and quality of services delivered, thereby ensuring effectiveness of projects for the benefit of all its clients.

BCMS strives to provide management support not only to enable full legal compliance but also to enable customers maintain a continued focus on the business objectives which are consonant with their long term competitive advantage.