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Business Consultancy Management Services (BCMS) Limited offers its clients a wide array of Financial support services including:


  • Setting up an accounting system together with all related accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Human resource management including performance reviews to ensure that all resources are focused on improving performance;
  • Payroll management-computation of payroll can be expensive and will rely on various laws and regulations. By entrusting us with your payroll processing you will be have your payroll managed by professionals who through internal and external training keep abreast with the latest legislation and statutory requirements;
  • Financial control of an enterprise to safeguard liquidity including budgets, forecasts and financial management. Our service will provide important information for decision making through our insight to achieve target results in both the short and longer term. Our service in this regard is made to measure based on your requirements, the industry you operate and the expertise you need. We take a hands on approach in cash flow planning, sourcing of finance, tax compliance, payroll management, group restructuring and related matters. By utilizing our financial control services you will gain access to professionals who have both the experience and financial acumen to achieve your company’s objectives. We can also help you design a financial control policy that minimizes costs yet keeps everything in check;
  • Timely management reporting to ensure management can measure performance and take timely action to achieve target objectives;
  • Acting as external independent auditors under the Companies Act (1995) for Companies established in Malta as well as being appointed as auditors to examine the accuracy of the financial statements as a whole, the going concern status of an enterprise or any particular area of a business for the benefit of a stakeholder
  • Pre-feasibility studies analysing the functions of start-up operations and/or investment projects;
  • Preparation of budgets, implementation of budgetary control and ongoing variance analysis for management together with integrated “Causal Analysis”;
  • Cash flow and profit projections, which form an important tool of a properly and diligently managed enterprise. These become even more vital when an enterprise is involved in new business start-ups, investment and / or research projects, identifying responsibilities for budgetary variances, seeking external sources of finance or even divesting of a part of its business. BCMS believes that cash and profit projections are an indispensable management tool and should form the basis of any Company’s business plan both at strategic and at operational level;
  • Due Diligence audits assessing the costs and benefits of an enterprises in situations including take-overs and mergers;
  • Detailed investigations and assessments of the effectiveness of the internal control systems employed by an enterprise and providing assistance and advise on their improvement;
  • Financial and management restructuring advisory services intent of reversing a trend of negative results;
  • Internal audits comprising the review and assessment of accounting and financial procedures and controls within an enterprise to prevent and detect errors and defalcations. In doing this we also consider the adequacy and effectiveness of procedures used to collect, process, summarise report useful information whilst maintaining accountability and minimising abuses and risks of misstatement.
  • Analysing, appraising and recommending on activities audited within an organisation. This could include checking that the assets of the business are being safeguarded, that operations are executed effectively, efficiently and economically in accordance with the organisation’s policies, that laws and regulations are complied with, and that all records and reports are both reliable and accurate;