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PR Consultancy

Business Consultancy Management Services (BCMS) Limited offers its clients a wide array of Public Relations consultancy services including:


  • Managing the marketing and sales operations including the profiling of customers, services provided, premises features and opportunities, service development, market research, communications, PR management, sales force approaches & management, service quality and other associates aspects;
  • Assistance in the identification of suited, feasible and acceptable strategies in the context of foreseen commercial and market developments, and, the consequent implications on operations, human resource, ICT and marketing strategies indicated for tapping identified market opportunities whilst overcoming competitive challenges, embodied within a marketing and PR plan covering a previously agreed time frame;
  • Integrating customer service, sales promotion, public relations, direct mail, newsletters event sponsorship and other tactics to communicate to the target market a unified and powerful message about the client company and its goods and services;
  • Developing brand awareness and reputation and building an organisation image with its target market;
  • Assisting the client’s marketing department by sharpening and focusing the organisational effort to ensure that the goals are achieved;
  • Providing expert knowledge and experience on working with audience groups, internal communications, corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, regulatory affairs, niche media skills, media;
  • Assessing the gap between a business’s marketing requirements and its internal resources. In this respect our consultants can take responsibility in managing the particular organizational requirement either until the skills are developed in-house or for pre-agreed definite periods of engagement;
  • Managing all PR and marketing strategies during new product launches or peaks in activity;
  • Complimenting the organisation’s marketing department by taking responsibility for specific areas which cannot be given a focused effort by that department or which are outside the competence of internal resources. In this respect our consultants can be useful by generating creative ideas and achieving results quickly;
  • Managing media and all types of communication with a Company’s stakeholders be them employees, customers, suppliers,