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Public Speaking Services & Presentations

There are several occasions when companies would achieve a lot of mileage by ensuring that managers and CEOs speak to their audiences effectively or by providing an outside speaker to deliver a message. This could range from a company convention, a management retreat or sales meeting as well as speaking to the workforce about an upcoming merger that has just been announced.

We can help you in in two main ways:

Public Speaking for CEOs or managers

We can assist CEOs or managers by:

  • reviewing a speech beforehand to ensure that the speech is carefully crafted to immediately engage the audience with the opening, maintaining their interest whilst delivering the underlying message in a coherent way and closing with a call to action;
  • coaching the speaker on speech delivery effectiveness including voice projection, body gestures to emphasize the message, involving the audience and ensuring their participation, handling visual aids and all that goes into ensuring an effective delivery;
  • attending as an observer and giving detailed feedback after the event to ensure that the speaker can understand how the delivery can be improved.

Providing an external speaker

  • for your corporate event to deliver a keynote speech. We typically first understand your needs and then mould a speech typically 30-45 mins around the key message that management would want to disseminate;
  • for your ad-hoc needs including a motivational speaker for your sales force, an inspirational or a plenary speech;
  • to deliver a closing speech aimed at overcoming attendees’ exhaustion and deliver a take home message at the end of a corporate event or convention with a “call to action”;

The speaker will do his/her very best to build a captivating atmosphere, connect to the audience, engage them and deliver the message required with conviction, and sincerity so that the audience can associate themselves with the underlying message and maximize their chances of wanting to make it their own.