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Maternity Leave Contributions (For employers)


Employers’ attention is drawn to the maternity contribution that has come into force on 6 July 2015. By virtue of this new legislation introduced by means of Legal Notice 257 of 2015 (Trust and Trustees Act CAP. 331) and Legal Notice 258 of 2015 (Social Security Act CAP. 318), employers must make additional contributions to the Inland Revenue on the revised FS5 form. The contributions are based on classes similar to the Social Security Contributions.

For avoidance of doubt this contribution is not applied only for female employees but applies to all employees (including part time workers) thereby removing the discrimination that previously existed between male and female employees. For your quick reference a schedule can be downloaded (see link below) providing the method of how these contributions are to be calculated depending on the category each employee falls into. fss_maternity_fund

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