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Recommended Links

The following list provides links to a number of financial and business related organizations:

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

Malta Financial Services Authorithy which is the regulator responsible for all financial services in Malta and provides financial services providers with a sound regulatory environment compliant with International Standards.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance which is responsible for the fiscal measures available in Malta.

Central Bank of Malta

Central Bank of Malta which publishes exchange rates and economic indicators of the Maltese economy.

Maltese Inland Revenue Department

Maltese Inland Revenue which manages all the Revenue of the Maltese Government. This includes links to International Taxation.

VAT Department

The Value Added Tax (VAT) Department manages the VAT legislation in Malta and assists tax registered persons to honor their VAT Obligations.

Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise The national agency responsible for facilitating international investment in Malta. It operates a presence in a number of foreign countries and helps businesses expand, and innovate.

Malta Business Registry

Malta Business Registry is the authority that registers and regulates all companies in Malta

Malta Financial Services authority

The Malta Financial Services authority publishes the main legislation regulating various types of companies in Malta

Commissioner of Revenue

Commissioner for Revenue is responsible for collecting and enforcing Corporate and personal tax rules for companies and individuals be them residents and non residents